Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Simplifying Global Trade.


Provide a digital platform that serves as the backbone and framework for building an ecosystem of stakeholders in trade, logistics and supply chain to enable, simplify and make accessible cross-border trades.

Core Values

As a company that deems customer satisfaction as the top priority, we strive to foster a strong service culture, which is guided by a set of shared values and common principles – Very Customer Centric, Very Creative Culture and Very Commanding Company.

To us, VCC is more than an abbreviation of our company’s name; it encompasses the essence and values of the company.

Very Customer Centric

We put the needs of our customers at the heart of the way we design our solutions and services.

Very Creative Culture

We turn impossible tasks to first-to-accomplish achievements through innovation and creativity.

Very Commanding Company

We aspire to be the best in class in the areas we serve. Be at the top or nothing.