As part of IE Singapore’s (IES) efforts to help Singaporean food manufacturers expand overseas, IES worked together with Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association (SFMA) to establish the Tasty Singapore (TSG) brand, under which SFMA members can leverage on Singapore’s trustworthy reputation to sell their products in China.

In addition to conventional brick-and-mortar shops, TSG also wanted to leverage on the growing trend of consumers buying food product online. However, e-commerce is more than just signing up an online account to set up store.

TSG realized that for the online initiatives to be scalable and sustainable, the following challenges required addressing:

  • Disparate backend systems and processes
  • Delivering e-commerce service levels while keeping costs low
  • Overcoming customs, regulatory and cross-border intricacies
  • Minimizing human intervention in tedious, repetitive processes

VCC’s e-Logistics Platform built upon our CamelONE platform, connects users and service providers by centralizing information exchange in an ecosystem. VCC’s Platform provides the following functions when viewed laterally:

  • Uberized logistics marketplace; matching of service requests and provisions
  • Information exchange that connects different backend systems
  • Automation of business logic and integration of process flows
  • Real-time monitoring of status with track-and-trace information
  • Centralized archive and repository as a single point of access of information

VCC added the vertical implementation that is specific to e-commerce and to TSG:

  • Product and inventory management
  • Integration to e-commerce websites
  • Promotion management
  • Billing management

Our solution delivers the following benefits to TSG:

  • Manage entire workflow with a streamlined and integrated backend flow
  • Optimize service levels and operating costs
  • Leverage on a proven system for trade facilitation
  • Reduce dependency of manpower
  • Gain sustainability, flexibility and scalability

Trade Facilitation Platform
Industry-specific e-Commerce Verticals