Our Platform

Our Platform

Our Platform

Our Platform

An intelligent, extensible and scalable platform that integrates and connects all stakeholders in the supply chain. By synergizing technology and services, users and partners are connected to a complementary ecosystem.

With the explosive growth of B2B and B2C e-commerce transactions in international supply chains and the rapid increase of business documents exchanged in cross-border trading, effective management of trade processes over borders becomes more vital. A robust supply chain ensures that goods are ordered, shipped and paid for on time while complying with regulatory requirements and supporting trade security. The UN/CEFACT (United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business) “Buy-Ship-Pay” model identifies the key commercial, logistical, regulatory and payment procedures involved in the international supply chain and provides an overview of the information exchanged between the parties throughout its various steps.

CamelONE embraces the “Buy-Ship-Pay” model to digitize the entire end-to-end process for trade and supply chain, including marketplace, logistics and financing. CamelONE offers 3 key value propositions to its users.

First, it provides a platform to digitize transactions and integrate intra-organization processes including trading transactions, trade compliance and logistics processes.

Next, the platform simplifies information exchange among stakeholders. Trade and logistics processes typically require a massive amount of information and documents to be exchanged between multiple parties. Today, this information exchange is either done manually or through informal email communications.

Finally, CamelONE is a marketplace. It is a marketplace for traders to source and trade with trading partners, it is also an avenue for service providers to offer their services to users.

CamelONE is more than an electronic digital platform to facilitate transactions and information exchange. The platform is an ecosystem that connects a wide range of stakeholders: government agencies, traders, freight forwarders, warehouses, airlines, shipping lines, banks, financial institutions and cargo insurance companies. The ecosystem promotes a cohesive community that will support the entire trade process, from the start point of sourcing to the end point of delivery and payment. While CamelONE is connected to a broad base of stakeholders, it is a neutral platform that is not owned by any government, trading company, association or logistics company. Because of its neutrality, data privacy and confidentiality is unbiasedly upheld on CamelONE. Traders and logistic companies can confidently use the platform without fear of their data being compromised or leaked to competitors.

CamelONE is designed and implemented on open and industry standards, such as WCO data models, IATA standards, etc. Due to its open nature, CamelONE is technology vendor agnostic. This means that users and stakeholders can connect to CamelONE regardless of the vendor and service provider they have adopted in their existing in-house IT systems.

While CamelONE supports trade and logistic requirements regardless of industry or product, the platform also “deep dives” into selected industries, known as the “vertical domains”, and provides in-depth integration across various functions in those chosen domains. In many cases, this will also re-engineer the “as-is” trade and supply chain processes and revolutionize the industry to align with the global and digital economy. One such “vertical domain” that CamelONE specializes in is the seafood supply chain industry.

The 3 Cores of CamelONE

Trade Facilitation Platform

Customs clearance systems, frontend applications and connectivity solutions to facilitate customs clearance, cross-border trades and information exchange at the government agency level.

Cargo Community Platform

An intelligent, open and extensible digital platform that integrates trade processes and exchange trade-related information between different stakeholders to increase efficiency and productivity and at the same time, create new business opportunities.

Industry-specific e-Commerce Verticals

A point-to-point, one-stop integrated solution matching buyers and sellers to efficiently and cost-effectively perform cross-border trades.