Trade Facilitation Platform

Trade Facilitation Platform

Trade Facilitation Platform

Trade Facilitation Platform

Trade Facilitation Platform
Customs clearance systems, frontend applications and connectivity solutions to facilitate customs clearance, cross-border trades and information exchange at the government agency level.


The first core pillar of CamelONE is our B2G/G2G module. Designed to meet the high standards demanded of all governmental initiatives, this module comprises submodules and functions that are compliant with international, local and industry standards, secured and protected to ensure the highest level of data security, integrity and privacy. It is extensible, scalable and flexible to value-add with deep domain knowledge and also able to adapt to the unique requirements of individual implementations.

Several solutions have been implemented using the CamelONE B2G/G2G module, including our National Single Electronic Window solution, Regional Single Electronic Window solution, our e-freight solution and our TradeNet Frontend solution, which is also coupled with our Customs Declaration Service.


  • High barrier of entry
  • Foundation and groundwork for cross-border trades

TradeNet Frontend Solution and Customs Declaration Service

VCC TradeNet Frontend Solution, vDeclarant (VDEC) is a TradeNet Frontend solutions accredited by Customs. Designed as a cloud-based solution, VDEC is built using the latest technologies and equipped with user-friendly features such as auto-completion, searchable table listings and auto-scheduling reports.

More importantly, VDEC is seamlessly integrated with our e-freight solution to achieve the [email protected], data reuse advantage. This integration allows VDEC to deliver efficiency and accuracy experienced by many of our customers.

Coupled with our 24/7, on-site and off-site Customs Declaration Service where we act as the declaring agent and perform the permit preparation, submission and follow up on behalf of our customers, forwarders and shippers can outsource the entire permit declaration function to us and focus on their core business.

Regional Single Electronic Window

VCC Regional Single Electronic Window (SEW) is an enhancement of the National SEW that extends the nature of the single entry and exchange point facilitation from the bounds of the local regulatory agencies to that of corresponding agencies across multiple countries. VCC Regional SEW provides the messaging and routing of information across partner states for a seamless flow of information between customs stations, and also has facilities such as payment system to manage transfers of revenues between partner states.

The Single Customs Territory (SCT) platform in East African Community (EAC) is one such implementation by VCC.

National Single Electronic Window

VCC National Single Electronic Window (SEW) is the implementation of a single window system that enables traders to submit regulatory documents through a single point. The documents are usually for customs declarations, applications for import and export permits, and also other accompanying and supporting documents such as certificates of origin (CO), commercial invoices and packing lists. The system raises the productivity and efficiency of many of these compliance-related processes, particularly in removing the need for traders to liaise and communicate with multiple approving and control agencies.

VCC has implemented such a system for the Mauritius Customs, and is currently working with our partners to extend this deployment to other countries in Africa.

Electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO)

VCC Smart eCO platform is the world’s first blockchain-based solution for electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOs) – a platform which will vastly improve transparency, security and efficiency in authenticating trade documents.

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is an important international trade document confirming that the goods in a particular shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

Our Smart eCO platform allows for:

  • Fully electronic submission of eCO applications through web-based system for traders
  • Online verification and approval of eCO applications by the Chambers’ Officers
  • eCOs to be printed on A4 copier paper and pink CO form
  • Higher data security, with embedded QR code and Microprint features
  • A full featured mobile app that allows stakeholders to verify the authenticity of CO
  • Stakeholders to make informed, data-driven decisions using reporting tools built on the platform

Our solution has been implemented for Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) for the application and issuance of non-preferential Certificate of Origin.

Also available on Networked Trade Platform (NTP), the eCO Preparation and eCO Return Service features help improve efficiency and reduce error rates of CO applications and enable the re-use of CO data for other trade, compliance, and business purposes.